Fun Facts

Each chapter of Dear Class has fun facts about that country.  Here are some of them.

  • Even though Harry Potter went to Platform 9¾ at Kings Cross Station, it doesn’t really exist.  But so many people go to check on it anyway that there is a Platform 9¾ sign on a wall close to a real platform.
  • Paris specializes in showing off its sewers. On what is sometimes called the Bad Taste Tour, you can visit this vast underground world. Among unusual items found there have been teeth and a crocodile.
  • The world’s largest tomato fight—La Tomatina—takes place the last Wednesday in August in Buñol, a small town in eastern Spain. Some 150,000 tomatoes are thrown at anyone and anything in sight for a messy—a very messy—half-hour of fun.
  • Sesame Street puppets in Israel speak Hebrew, Arabic, and Russian. A cousin of Oscar the Grouch is Moishe Oofnik.
  • Laughing is a healthy thing to do. There are special health laughing clubs in India where people get together to laugh.
  • In Japan the traffic light to indicate GO is called blue, even though it is green. This is because long ago green was thought to be a shade of blue

Country Activities